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Our wonderful staff is here to serve you! Never hesitate to ask one for assistance.


Jesse Burgess

   Jesse started playing drums since age 6.   He is an accomplished singer-songwriter and has been performing multiple instruments for the past 30 years. He plays drums primarily but also guitar, mandolin, percussion, ukulele and bass.  Jesse has been in music retail for 20 years, and has a deep knowledge of musical products. He has been with Marathon Music since June 2014. In that time he has assisted the owner in increasing inventory focus to add more products for the professional musicians and home recording artist. His social networking and playing local venues have brought many new customers to our store. He is also well versed in digital home recording.. 


Rodrick Meeks - Sales Associate

   Rodrick has an AA degree in music, although it only scratches the surface of his musical knowledge.  He has been singing since age 5, and plays keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. His performance experience exceeds half his life. He is most closely associated with keyboards and guitars but is helpful and insight in all products we carry. He is always happy to help with a smile on his face. His first job was in retail music sales and is well versed in digital keyboards and pianos. 



Anthony Mosca - Sales Associate

   Anthony has played organ since the age of 7.  He has been in music retail management and sales training for 44 years. He owned his own piano/organ store in Connecticut for  17 years and also sales manager for Bobbs' Piano and Organs in West Palm Beach for over 27 years. Marathon Music  brought Anthony out of retirement early 2016. His professional and cheerful attitude has brought the sales staff up to a higher level.   He also continues as a professional organist at his church every weekend.



 Robert Bernhardt - Sales Associate

   Robert has been deeply involved in the music industry, selling records, instruments and playing in local south Florida acts and national touring groups since 1996. Most experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the bass guitar but a composer, teacher, technician and multi instrumentalist as well as having a friendly helpful attitude.